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Lawmakers, groups work toward keeping health-care records secure but able to be shared

The latest technology, while helpful in many tasks, has already been proven to be harmful when storing personal health care data for individuals across the country. As citizens struggle to determine how to better secure health data, North Carolina residents should closely monitor where their information is being stored and where it could be potentially sent off to.

Burr among U.S. lawmakers trying to modernize health care data privacy laws

When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) was first enacted, millions of Americans were assured that their health histories would remain safe and confidential in the right hands. With the rise of smartphones, electronic tablets and smartwatches, however, that assurance may no longer be guaranteed.

North Carolina pig farms still emptying manure waste into larger communities

Despite laws in place preventing newly established farms from spraying waste from manure lagoons once full, existing farms using this practice are still causing trouble in surrounding communities.

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