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Right-to-farm: Big-Ag calling to amend laws in wake of nuisance suits

Big-Ag is calling for state laws to be amended in its favor when it comes to neighbors suing farms over nuisance complaints.

Release of Swine Waste Management General Permit raises concerns

RALEIGH -- The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality's recent release of the state’s Swine Waste Management General Permit has left some environmental agencies unsatisfied. The department governs the disposal of the nearly 9.5 billion gallons of hog waste generated each year at the state’s industrial swine operations.

New guidelines issued within hog farm permit in effort to protect local water

New guidelines have been issued for industrial hog farms with the intention of better protecting groundwater and neighbors from pollution.

Sen. Warren speaks out against foreign-owned and operated U.S. farmland

“No foreign country should be able to purchase farmland in America,” said Warren.

North Carolina hog verdict appealed by ag groups; attorney cites pork industry's power

RICHMOND, Va. – Agriculture groups have filed a brief in support of a reversal of a $50 million verdict in Richmond, Virginia earlier this month and the plaintiff's attorney is raising the issue of just how powerful the industry is within North Carolina.

As Smithfield looks to settle lawsuits with North Carolina farm neighbors, China ties complicate the issue

Smithfield Foods continues to settle the many ongoing lawsuits between citizens of rural communities in North Carolina and its Murphy-Brown hog farm subsidiary, as more than $550 million in damages have been awarded across five federal nuisance cases, but its ties to China make the issues more complex.

Murphy-Brown loses fifth hog nuisance suit, jury awards $420,000 to plaintiffs

Last week, a jury awarded 10 plaintiffs a grand total of $420,000 in punitive and compensatory damages in a Duplin County, North Carolina hog nuisance trial against Murphy-Brown, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.

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